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Adoption Myths

Adoption Myths

Below are some of the myths I hear about adoption. My answers come from working many years in my field and talking with adoptive parents, birth parents, and my peers in adoption.
Myth: Birthmothers who plan an adoption are uncaring and are taking the easy way out.
Fact: There is no easy way out of an unplanned pregnancy and women who choose adoption have done so after taking the time to consider their options and the future of their unborn child. Adoption is a loving, courageous choice, which shows she is taking the time and responsibility to be a parent. Birthmothers are selflessly placing the future of the children ahead of their own desires. Knowing this can help may birthmothers know they are providing a good and positive life for their child.
Myth: Birthmothers never recover from the emotional pain of placing a child for adoption
Fact: Each birthmother process her adoption experience in a different way. All birthmothers go through a grieving process and this is a healthy way in dealing with your adoption experience. Many of our birthmothers have told us it helps them to know they have done everything they could to provide the best life for their child. And it helps to know they have helped another family complete their dream of becoming parents.
Myth: Adoptive parents cannot love a child as much as biological parents can
Fact: Love is not based on biology. We learn to love the people we want to spend our lives with and the people we choose to surround us. The love of a parent comes from preparing for a child and selflessly nurturing and caring for that child.
Myth: Telling a child they are adopted should wait until they are old enough to understand
Fact: Teaching a child about the special way they came into your life should begin at birth. There are many books and resources out there can help you share with your child their adoption story. If you wait to share this with your child, it can be shocking and cause them to feel unnecessary guilt.
Myth: Adopted children are more likely to be troubled than birth children
Fact: Research shows that adoptees are as well-adjusted as their non-adopted peers. There is virtually no difference in psychological function between them. (This myth and fact by

Reasons to adopt

More wonderful reasons to adopt.. Please read,

Child adoption can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life for both you and your child. It really is wonderful and amazing to open your heart and home to a child that did not come from your womb, but you're willing to love and nurture her just the same. Many moms are grateful for the opportunity they've had to adopt, especially when it saved a child from a physical or emotionally dangerous situation. There are many children out there in need of a good home, and there are many reasons why child adoption may be right for you.
1. You're Unable to Have a Child
If you're unable to have a child due to infertility or other reasons, child adoption may be right for you. It's possible to adopt a newborn and raise your child as if she were your own. There are many children in need of adoption, and if you have a desire to have one, but can't, then adoption is often the best alternative.
2. You Want to Expand Your Family
You and your spouse may have a desire to expand your family, but the prospects of waiting to have your own children seem impossible or delayed. Child adoption allows you to expand your family at a faster pace. For example, you can adopt siblings and immediately have two or more children to care for. If you have a desire for a larger family, then adoption is a great solution.
3. You're Presented an Opportunity to Rescue a Child
There are occasions when a child may need to be rescued from a dangerous environment. For example, some children have been rescued from countries embroiled in civil war through child adoption. If you are personally presented with a scenario where you could help a child, and you can, then that's a great reason to adopt. When that child grows up, she will be forever grateful to you for helping to save her life.
4. You Want to Have an Impact
The greatest way to have an impact on a child's life is to be a good parent. You can become a parent and have an impact on a child's heart, behavior and future through adoption. Daily living, conflict resolution and teaching your child will have a long lasting affect on a child, more than if you were to mentor a child for a short period, or volunteer for a non-profit organization that serves children.
5. Your Family Member Needs Help
Not all child adoption involves going to a foreign country to rescue a child. Some adoptions occur within families, where a grandparent or other family member takes in a child because the birth mother is unwilling or unable to care for her baby. If you're in a position to help that baby, then you've got a good reason for child adoption.
Don't consider child adoption because it's trendy or because you need something to salvage your marital relationship. These are wrong reasons to adopt a child, and you may end up ruining a child's life

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