Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Whether you are an older parent, adoptive parent, first-time parent, or all of the above, one fact remains - you are now responsible for the life of a child. It doesn't matter if the child you are caring for is yours by birth, adoption, or through the foster care system. This child, regardless of age, need, or background needs you.
Couples (or single parent) new to the business of parenting ofte...n have many reservations, especially with regards to older children, special needs children, or racially different children. People become highly concerned as to whether they will be able to provide the type of life the child will need and/or expect. Parents tend to have high expectations of themselves, of which they always seem to fall short. The most important thing to remember while parenting is that your biggest obligation to your child is to be there for him or her and to love unconditionally. You can't and never will be perfect. You can only do your best and hope it is enough.

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