Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Testimonial #4

Testimonial #4:
When we wish upon a star, sometimes our dreams do come true! After being introduced to Irene and her wonderful staff, my husband and I created our photo resume and letter to our potential birthmother. Within days, we were matched. We couldn't believe it! As we celebrated the match, our neighbors came running out of their houses, thinking we had won the lottery or something. As we jumped for joy and announced we were going to be parents, our friends and family joined in the elation. We went through the entire pregnancy, doctors visits, maternity shopping and even cravings. We decorated the beautiful nursery and soon our beautiful daughter was born. It was a dream come true! We were there at the birth and have cherished each and every moment since.
We have since adopted again through Irene and her great staff. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to be parents again.
Thank Irene Riley with A Rainbows End Adoption, Inc.

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