Monday, July 8, 2013

Testimonial #5

Testimonial #5
After working with a prominent adoption service for over 1 and a half years, we were fortunate to have been referred to Irene Riley and A Rainbows End Adoption, Inc. Irene and the staff at A Rainbows End Adoption were very caring and resourceful for the adoptive parents as well as the birthmothers. The personal service we received as adoptive parents was phenomenal and the main reas...on we chose to adopt through them. Within 6 months, we were blessed to adopt our first son. In fact, we were so happy with A Rainbows End Adoption we skipped the traditional adoption service and went directly to Irene when it was time to adopt our second child.
We've done a lot of research and interviewed many agencies and facilitators and we truly feel A Rainbows End Adoption is the best. It's been almost 4 years since we met Irene and we are thrilled to have adopted 2 healthy and happy boys. I strongly urge those who want to adopt, go through A Rainbows End Adoption, Inc. with Irene and her wonderful staff.
Best wishes in your Adoption journey.

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