Monday, July 29, 2013

Testimonial #8

Testimonial #8

Two years after we adopted our eldest son, we decided it was time to re-start the adoption process again in order to complete our family. We signed back up with our previous facilitator and for 2 years we had NO results other than a very costly failed adoption. Broken hearts and absolutely no empathy or emotional support from that particular facilitator. We quickly learned that when things go wrong, many facilitators often only advocate and empathize with the birthmothers, leaving us vulnerable adoptive parents completely on our own to deal with all the stress and potential disappointments.

We then learned about Irene Riley at A Rainbow’s End Adoption and were thrilled to see for ourselves that she not only gave 110% of herself to the birthmothers but that she also gave 110% to us adoptive parents. She gave her emotional support and her empathy to us as an adoptive couple. As an adoptive mom herself, she knew first-hand how vulnerable, how scary and how difficult the process is and can be for us. She matched us with our birth mom very quickly and she was very attentive, very involved and very On-the-Ball throughout the whole process. She even drove our birthmother to the hospital and stayed with us much of the time during the hospital stay to ensure a smooth transition. Irene is a wonderful being, we couldn’t be happier with our 2 beautiful and absolutely adorable little boys. Our family is now complete.

Thank you Irene Riley

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